Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chicago Q

Tonight's post is about....BBQ!
Specifically, it's about a BBQ restaurant (a little too upscale to classify as a "joint") in my neighborhood called "Chicago Q."
It opened a few years ago and, sadly, it's taken me this long to try it...but Holy COW, was it worth the wait!
The owner is a WOMAN from Virginia...gotta love that! and she has quite an impressive resume, including WInner of Bobby Flay's Throwdown for Best BBQ!

Way to go Lee Ann!

The accolades are well deserved....the food is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!
You simply must go try it for yourself....but here are the highlights of my dinner tonight:

*Bacon Cheddar Hush Puppies (starter)
*Pulled Pork Sandwich with choice of fries, cole slaw, or cornbread...I chose the SLAB of cornbread....deeeee-lish!
all the BBQ dishes come with 4 sauces: Original, Spicy, Eastern North Carolina vinegar and South Carolina mustard (my fave!)
*"Bruleed" Mac & DIE for!

The service was friendly and attentive...our waitress was great!
PLUS, there was enough left over for me to get a doggy bag for lunch tomorrow!
(Q....round 2)


We were too full to splurge on dessert tonight, but made plans to return for dessert another night....I can't wait to try the cobbler!

Chicago Q is open for lunch, brunch, and dinner.
Here's the link for more information:

Summer's coming....

Fire it up!

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  1. Maria forgot to mention the to-die-for made-on-site bread and butter pickles - worth the trip just for those :-)